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Tremendous opportunities available for Māori entrepreneurs

The master mind behind the graphics and animation of the Americas Cup and the Formula One Car races, Ian Taylor believes there is tremendous potential for Māori entrepreneurs.

The Ngāti Kahungunu descendant says Māori businesses could be as powerful as Nike or Coca Cola, “I keep telling our young people our ancestors sailed a third of the planet, we traded with China in the 1840s, so how do we do it. We already did it in the past, we just need to start doing it again.”

A group of 30-40 Māori business owners and entrepreneurs met at the Northcote Wharf today and were addressed by 3 Stanford innovative and design professors; Prof Hayagreeva Rao, Prof Baba Shiv and Prof Anne Gibbon. 

According to Anne Gibbon, “For the size and population of New Zealand the Māori economy is punching above its weight. “