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The top 10 most frequently stolen cars in Aotearoa

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

If you’re the owner of Honda Torneo, you might want to check if it's still there. AA Insurance has just revealed their list of the top 10 most frequently stolen car.

Honda Torneos are the most commonly stolen car in the country, according to AA insurance.

Amelia Macandrew from AA insurance says, “Honda Torneo has topped AA Insurance's most frequently stolen car list for the 4th year in a row after debuting on the list in 2010, Mazda Subarus and Nissans are still popular as well.”

It's an issue that Counties-Manukau Police deals with on a daily basis.

Inspector Mark Rowbottom says, “We have them stolen from carparks, whether that be at shopping centres or railway stations or in your CBDs.”

Police say over 900 cars have been stolen over the last 3 months in South Auckland, that's 10 cars a day.

Mazda and Subaru also made the top 10 cars prone to be stolen anytime anywhere.

Macandrew says, “Thieves are generally opportunistic so they will always go for the easiest and simplest option and the fastest option, so it's about making your car not an easy target.”

Inspector Rowbottom says, “A steering lock is a really big deterrent because to get through that takes a lot of time, which these people don't like, these offenders don't like they want quick and easy.”

Hundreds of cars being stolen every year and it's the same place that keep popping up.

Macandrew says, “Cars are more likely to be stolen from the Auckland region, followed by Northland, Wellington and Waikato.”

If you're a car owner, it's recommended to lock it or lose it.