Temuera Morrison talks new movie, Avatar and Aquaman

Temuera Morrison is in Australia filming his new movie, Occupation. Morrison appeared on Kawe Kōrero to talk about the film set to release next year.

“It’s a sci-fi film so we’re looking in to the future. My role in this film, I’m trying to get out of the city of Sydney with my family. I’ve been in a bit of trouble at that time and I’m trying to get my family and head to the gold coast. We arrive in a small town and all hell breaks loose.  Things happen so we start to fight back and we turn in to a bit of a resistance group.

The character I’m playing is Peter, he’s a family man and again he’s been in a bit of trouble, he’s been in prison, so his desire is just to get out of the city. When we come across these bad people he leads the resistant group to fight back.”

Morrison made a point of congratulating Cliff Curtis on his latest achievement.

I'd like to acknowledge you Cliff of Ngāti Rongomai for getting the lead role in the famous franchise Avatar. Good on you my friend. You are the man! Ngāti Rongomai! You have the ihi and wehi to represent us all.

Morrison is also set to appear in the blockbuster film Aquaman, however he was reluctant to let too much out of the bag.

“I can’t say anything about that film at this time. I play Jason Momoa’s father and my onscreen partner is Nicole Kidman. My name is Tom Curry in that film. I am the lighthouse keeper.”