Te Rangi Āniwaniwa School celebrates 21st birthday

By Harata Brown

It's at Te Rangi Āniwaniwa, a range of hills outside of Kaitaia where the first Māori immersion school in Te Tai Tokerau lies.

The school celebrates its 21st birthday since its first establishment. Now with a kōhanga reo, a kura kaupapa, a wharekura and a wānanga Māori.

According to D'Angelo Martin, “Reaching 21 years, it's a great privilege for us here at the school as well as the Northland region.”

For the school's sport teacher Te Irirangi Tawhara, who is also a former head girl of the school and receiver of a sports scholarship says the good thing about returning home is that she can contribute to the school's philosophy as well as help nurture the up-and-coming leaders here at the school.

As Te Rangi Āniwaniwa looks towards its future, it hopes to soon run elite academies so that the quality of learning can be of an even higher calibre.