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Te Kāea's Top Ten Online Stories 2014

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Te Kāea decided to take a look at what you, the viewers were most interested in on our Māori Television website.

Wepiha Te Kanawa compiled a breakdown of the Top Ten stories that featured online this year.

Unfortunately a terrible tragedy kicks off the most popular of our stories online. When news broke of the sudden death of 17-year-old Jordan Kemp who died during a rugby game back in July, the small town of Ōtamatea and it seemed the entire nation was in mourning.

Support for his family from his small community and people all over the country flooded Social Media paying tribute to a bright young spark, gone far too soon.

At number nine, an auspicious occasion for South Island hapū Ngāti Waewae, with the opening of their first ever whare tipuna, Tuhuru.

It was also the first time in many years women were seen involved in the wero.

The eighth most viewed story this year took us to The Art Depot Gallery in Devonport on Auckland's North Shore, where racial tension was at an all-time high over a Māori focused art exhibition.

The Gallery fielded feedback from locals asking to take the exhibition down, and even got a call from the Council to remove two flags attached to an Auckland Council sign post. 

The seventh story took us to Dinsdale Countdown in Hamilton. Te Kāea viewers were shocked to hear a pregnant woman Rikki Cooper had been accused of stuffing food under her top, when really it was her swollen belly.

It was our kapa haka enthusiasts that pushed the number 6 story up the rankings when Secondary School Kapa Haka champions Rākaumangamanga returned to Waahi Pā with the top prize and received a King’s welcome.

When a YouTube clip of an intoxicated minor at a Hamilton Skate Park in Fairfeild went viral, the nation was disgusted. Te Kāea spoke to the mother of the boy at the park the next day. This story was the 5th most popular item online this year.

At number 4 our viewer's couldn't get enough of Auckland's top hip hop dancers. Parris Goebel's dance company impressing audiences globally, 'The Palace' took out two divisions of a world championship competition, the Juniors and Varsity. Newcomers Malitia took out the Adults section.

Top 3, it was a huge year for the Māori film industry with films like, The Dark Horse, What We Do In The Shadows and The Dead Lands premiering all around the world. Our audience were most captivated by the Dead Lands premiere here in our own backyard.

Te Kāea's second most viewed story sent shock waves across the country. We followed a young promising rugby league player Luke Tipene, from his stabbing at a central Auckland house party, to his memorial at the Glenora Bears league club.To his final resting place at Ahipara in the North, where he was buried beside his father.

Te Kāea's most viewed online story this year in 2014 was when Ngāwai Rewha held back her tears during an interview with Te Kāea about when her 3 nephews were falsely accused of stealing at the Onehunga Kathmandu store.

That was a look back at 2014. All the stories outlined in this article can be located on our website and on the Te Kāea Facebook page.