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Te Kāea Anzac special bulletin 9:25

By Te Kāea

Just over an hour ago young Caitlin Papuni McLellan from Te Whakatōhea stood before thousands at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli, honouring her koroua, her whānau and her country

People also turned out in force to pay their respects at many Auckland Anzac services this morning, the biggest turnout was at the Auckland Domain where over 25,000 gathered.

Dignatories and ex-servicemen took part in the wreath laying ceremony this morning.

Te Kāea reporter Taroi Black was at the Auckland Domain for the dawn service and spoke to one of the many rangatahi who paid their respects this morning.

Tamati Tiananga attended the dawn service in Whanganui where over 8,000 people gathered to honour the Anzac heroes. At 11am there will be another service at Pakaitore.

Ripeka Timutimu was among the masses who gathered this morning in Wellington where she says over 10,000 people attended.

The Te Kāea team will bring you more updates throughout the day at 11:55 and 4pm, tune in for the full bulletin at 5:30 tonight with subtitles.