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Te Kāea Anzac special bulletin 11:55

By Te Kāea

Te Mahurehure in Pt Chevalier, Auckland is holding a commemoration of service, a ceremony of remembrance and a celebration of life and fellowship today.

Amoung those paying tribute was Numia Ponika Rangi.

New Zealand units set sail for service during WW1. The brigade was formed from three regiments, the Auckland Mounted Rifles, the Canterbury Mounted Rifles and the Wellington Mounted Rifles

This morning in the South Island our reporter Wepiha Te Kanawa witnessed a spectacular ceremony.

In Gallipoli, thousands have gathered at Anzac Cove to commemorate a disastrous loss for the Allied forces who tried to invade the peninsula 100 years ago. 

Thousands of Kiwis and Australians have joined forces again today to honour the men who fought in the battle for Chunuk Bair.

Among them is our reporter Dean Nathan.