Topic: Technology

Spectrum sale upsets Māori broadcasters

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

Māori broadcasters were shocked and angered at the sale of spectrum band to Telecom.

Veteran Māori broadcaster Rereata Makiha says Māoridom would benefit hugely from the spectrum but suspects the Govt is looking at the financial benefits they would reap from the sale.

He says, “We won't have the ability and technology to share our stories, pictures, knowledge and history with the world because the Govt has based its decision on profit.”

CEO of Uma Broadcasting, Bernie O'Donnell says a battle is looming and claims that what the Govt decides is not the be all and end all of this issue.

“Who said that the Govt gets the last word?  They don't have the final say at all and I'm looking into what action to take in regards to this matter. 

We started this fight years ago and we shall keep fighting.”

In time we shall see in what direction this situation will unravel, whether it progress forwards or backwards.