Son of Māori Battallion soldier comes forward to claim his father's cigar box

updated By Taroi Black

The son of the original owner of an antique square cigar box embellished with Māori carving has been located.

John Webster who purchased the cigar box at an antique shop 20 years ago in Mt Eden was in search of descendants of the original owner, James Matehaere, a D Company Commander who served with the Māori Battalion.

Mr Webster approached Te Kāea with his story in the hope of returning the cigar box to Matehaere’s family, his son Mark Matehaere who currently lives in Sydney came forward.

The rich history behind the cigar box prompted the search for James Matehaere’s family who was awarded the Military Cross in 1944 at Point 209 in Libya.

Taroi Black will have the full story tonight on Te Kāea at 5:30.