Sir Ngatata Love taken to hospital during court proceedings

By Heta Gardiner

The trial of Sir Ngatata Love at the Wellington High Court was temporarily interrupted today after he was taken to hospital.

He was rushed to hospital midway through today’s court proceedings where he is facing fraud charges.

Te Kāea reporter, Heta Gardner was in court today and says that Sir Ngatata Love’s lawyer requested proceedings be stopped at around 12:30 pm as his client was having a medical issue.  

The nature of his illness was mentioned in court and the only details Te Kāea was permitted to broadcast was that it was a heart issue.

After he was taken to hospital, court was adjourned periodically but continued. The case is expected to continue in his absence.

The witness list will be adjusted to cater to the possibility that Sir Love isn't able to be in court tomorrow.

Shan Stevens was the witness today.

Stevens was one of the directors of Pipitea Street Development Limited, the company owned by Sir Ngatata's partner Lorraine Skiffington.

He was asked to give advice on a potential property deal between Auckland property developer Redwood and Pipitea Street Development Limited.

Stevens told the court today that he gave advice to say that the deal "Was not worth the paper it was written on."

He also outlined that it was a "significant risk to the tenth’s trust" and called the deal "crazy."

The contract in question is the deal that led to the fraud charges. Love's lawyer will have an opportunity to cross examine the witness at a later date.