Samoan Prime Minister challenges Labour on Immigration

By Maiki Sherman

The whole of Samoa were celebrating their independence and it was undoubtedly the same situation back in New Zealand.

Nearly half of all Samoans live in NZ, which is why PM Tuilaepa challenged the Labour Party over its desire to reduce the number of immigrants entering our country.  

In the past year, there were 71,210 immigrants to New Zealand. Under a special quota, 1100 Samoans per year are eligible for permanent residency. On top of that, just over a thousand people are eligible for seasonal work.    

National isn't about to waste this election present, especially now with the limelight on John Key during the Pacific Mission.

PM Tuilaepa says Samoa itself is open-armed on the issue of immigration.

“It is something I’m trying to make our oppositions understand that for any small country you need people with skills money to come develop Samoa.”

So it seems both PMs share the same view, which should come as a warning to Labour. It may miss the bus and its voters may go along with it.