Topic: Te Reo Māori

Reo strategy consultation timeframe questioned

By Ripeka Timutimu

With 7 meetings over only two weeks, some are saying Pita Sharples efforts to get the Māori language strategy up and running, could come at a cost. The first consulation hearing was held today in Porirua and our reporter Ripeka Timutimu was there

She says, “the word on the ground is that some people aren’t too happy about the short time in which these meetings were advertised last week, and say many aren’t aware of what’s going on. However all in all the meeting was held in good spirit, with the progression of the Māori language being the ultimate goal."

A group attending the first reo strategy consultation hui today carried with them an urgent message for people throughout the country to act quickly and have their opinions heard about the survival of the Māori language.

According to Maraea Hunia of Ngāti Awa, ” the panui came out last Monday and we have only had 7 days to prepare and research the material which makes up the new reo strategy.”

One main objective of the new Māori language strategy will be to establish an iwi entity to assume ownership of Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori and Te Māngai Pāho.

This particular point is something the Minister of Māori Affairs is pleasd with, “I strongly support this strategy to return the power of enhancing the reo to Iwi and hapū.”

But with many differing views and a short time frame to gage an array of perspectives on the issue , its going to be a hard task to create a strategy everyone is happy with.

The second meeting will be held in Rotorua tomorrow, with the final meeting being held at the end of next week.