Red Cross confirms over 4000 dead in Nepal disaster

Nepal deaths surpass 4000 - Photo / file

Red Cross has confirmed over 4000 dead in Nepal disaster following a brief delivered last night by ACAPS.  Fears of localised flooding and water-borne diseases have been raised.

On 25 April 2015, an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal near its capital, Kathmandu.

Now only four days on, it is reported:

  • 4000+ are dead
  • 7000 are injured
  • 200 are missing
  • 5 million have been affected
  • Over 500,000 are displaced
  • 35,000 homes are damaged

Although some roads from Kathmandu are reportedly accessible, many areas are difficult to access which ACAPS say is expected to hamper search and rescue efforts.  Large numbers of people are still staying in open space, with water sanitation a major concern.

Red Cross estimates that they are currently reaching more than 10,000 people directly affected by the earthquake with relief items and first aid assistance.

A website to update families on people lost and found is being maintained by the Nepal Red Cross Society, in English and Nepali, and is continuously updated when information is verified.

You can check those updates here:

Nepal deaths surpass 4000 - Photo / supplied