Topic: 28th Māori Battalion

Re-mastered recordings honouring the 28th Māori Battalion

A treasure not to be lost. 

Re-mastered recordings of the investiture ceremony that took place for Moana Ngarimu VC and the speech that was given to all 28th Māori Battalion soldiers on arriving home from the war by the Prime Minister of the time, Peter Fraser, are all now online for all to hear.

A treasured recording has been uploaded to the 28th Māori Battalion website and includes a re-mastered welcome home greeting by the then Prime Minister Peter Fraser to the returning soldiers from WWII.

Welcome calls, speeches, songs from the investiture ceremony for Te Moana Nui a Kiwa Ngarimu VC, the first ever Māori to receive the Victoria Cross, have all been re-mastered by Sound Archive in Christchurch.

To commemorate 70 years of Moana Ngarimu's investiture, this Sunday a ceremony will take place at the spot of the investiture.