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Ranea Aperahama tops Māori music charts

By Te Kāea

Ranea Aperahama's new album "Tihei Mauri Ora" has topped the Māori music charts.

His influential music has climbed its way to the top, however recently that was different story. 

Ranea says, “I was going through a tough time in my life. I felt worthless, I was in another place spiritually.”

“But then I overcame that feeling.  My spirit got stronger and through that process I composed these songs,” he says.

Ranea found a remedy in composing songs. It also gave him an outlet for his thoughts on spirituality and other issues.

“One of the songs is aimed at the Labour Party to acknowledge their history with Wiremu Ratana and Hauiti and to not turn their backs on us,” says Ranea.

Ranea hopes that his songs will provide some insight for the masses.

“A lot of the time I try to use small catch phrases, lyrics that are simple but have a lot of meaning behind them.  Hopefully it appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds,” Ranea explains.