Topic: Crime

Radio Live duo off-air for rest of year

Willie Jackson and John Tamihere are off-air for Radio Live for the rest of the year.

They interviewed “Amy”, an 18-year-old girl who is friends with one of the alleged victims of the group known as the Roast Busters.

Listeners were unhappy with some of the questions they asked "Amy", some believing they were victim-blaming.

An apology by Tamihere and Jackson states, “We do not condone rape in any way and did not intend to blame the victims.  Rape is a terrible crime and the victims who come forward deserve support and respect.”

They also apologised to the companies who had removed their advertising.

“We deeply regret the comments we made last week and the upset they caused with so many people.”

“We also want to apologise to the clients of Radio Live who had to deal with the negative feedback to their businesses because they advertise on our show.”

Most importantly, an apology was directed to the woman and families who were offended by their distasteful comments.

Te Kāea called both of them to appear on the programme, but no response has been received.

It's believed they will return to Radio Live next year, but Radio Live says they still intend to look into the matter.