Topic: Child Abuse

Questions raised on state care child safety

By Kawekōrero

After fourteen years of being a ward of the state Paora Crawford Moyle is wanting answers about how the Government will protect children in state care.

Moyle spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters about the type of abuse her and her siblings’ endured while in state care.

Moyle says, there were things that happened in state care that were beyond a child’s capabilities.

Her worst memory was not being able to keep her younger brother safe.

She says, “One of the last things that our father said to us was ‘Girl look after your baby brothers’ and that duty stayed with me but I was really young.”

She says her and her brothers were subject to physical and sexual abuse while in state care.

“How do you manage when the door handle of the door between yourself and your younger brother and his adult abuser is too high for you to reach?”

Moyle questions how the Government is planning to ensure better care from the state towards children.

She says, “How do you move forward when you haven’t cleaned up the past?”

“How do you move forward, when there are thousands of Māori who have never had a voice?”

A call for a full inquiry of the care of children in New Zealand’s state care has been put forward to the Human Rights Commission.

And a claim has been lodged to the Waitangi Tribunal calling for an urgent independent inquiry into the abuse of Māori youth in state care.