Protest in support of Ranjeet's return

By Harata Brown

Last week, two Māori families arrived at Parliament, to express their grievances in the Parliamentary Chambers.

The family of Lisa Singh was one of those families, and for over a year now, she and her 4-year-old son “Mahinderpal” have been without a husband and father.

Lisa Tupara met Ranjeet Singh in 2006.  They had conversed over the internet beforehand, and Lisa says they fell in love after their initial meet.

Lisa and Ranjeet were married in 2007, and their son was born two years later in 2009.

But there is more to be known about Ranjeet Singh.  Before coming to NZ, he was married in India with 3 children.  They separated in 1995 and their divorce was finalised in 1999.

In 1999, Singh arrived in NZ as a tourist.  He later married an English woman in 2002, before separating soon after in 2004.

Before marrying Lisa Tupara, Ranjeet was deemed an illegal immigrant.

While in India, Ranjeet continued to stay with one of his sons in New Delhi.

Immigration NZ officials interviewed neighbours, and within their report, claimed Ranjeet is living with his ex-wife, that they never separated, and that he has returned to her previously.  However, there are no affidavits signed by the neighbours.

Immigration NZ did not want to comment on camera, but said the Associate Minister of Immigration is considering the matter.

MP Tariana Turia, is also investigating the case, it seems as though Lisa Singh's heart is bound by the stroke of the Associate Minister of Immigration's pen, and Mahinderpal Singh continues to go without his father.