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Police workshops aim to curb window washers

By Rewi Heke
Police aim to curb window washers - Photo / file

Workshops held by Police are underway to prevent window washers from pursuing the activity in future.

“The purpose of the workshop was to bring together a number of agencies to assist the youths in finding alternative employment or education,” says Senior Sergeant Phillips.

Police say that the workshops have been a real success and that youth from as young as 14 have attended.

“We spoke with a range of youths, some as young as 14.  It was a great opportunity to engage with these young people in a positive way,” added Mr Phillips.

Police continue to discourage members of the public from supporting this behaviour by giving window washers money.  Motorists are urged to call 111 if they witness or experience any aggressive or dangerous behaviour from any person at an intersection. 

Te Kāea recently aired a story regarding public opinions on the matter which can be view below.


Police advise that any person who feels uncomfortable with having window washers approach their car keep their windows up and doors locked and make it clear that you do not wish to have your window washed.