Police running new recruitment campaign

By Harata Brown

Māori continue to be disproportionately represented in crime statistics and the NZ justice system.  Police say it isn't an ethnic issue, but regardless, Māori crime statistics are still too high.

Police are now running their new cops recruitment campaign, and it's hoped this will go some way towards easing those statistics.

Police are on the beat to recruit.  Dee Te Ao is an example of what they're looking for.  Her Māori background gave her the tools to help a suicidal Māori youth.

The NZ Police Force are hoping to recruit 400 people this year, and even though Māori make up just 15% of NZ's population, 50% of NZ prisoners are Māori.

A challenge was laid out to the NZ Police Force, which was to stand at the stern of the canoe and feel the spray of the future.  Police now say that their 'turning the tide' strategy shows that they have risen to that challenge.