Police have located LA Tukerangi and Dean Whakatau

Police have located 15-year-old LA Tukerangi and 36-year-old Dean Whakatau in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

They have advised they are speaking with the pair and LA’s family has been notified.

Police and the family of LA Tukerangi appealed for information on LA’s whereabouts earlier this week after she contacted family members on Facebook saying she had been taken against her will.

The pair were last seen in the Rotorua CBD area on Sunday morning and are believed to have also spent time in the Taupō area in the last couple of weeks.

Manukau Urban Māori Authority (MUMA) released a statement on Tuesday saying they were providing support for the Tukerangi whānau through Whānau Ora Services.

Mereana Rennie from MUMA told Te Kāea today that they have spoken with LA’s parent who are extremely relieved their daughter has been found.