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Police crack down on speeders to reduce fatalities

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Police are cracking down on speed offenders on our roads over the holiday period to reduce crash and fatalities.

Over the Christmas period, there have been a number of fatalities, one involving a car and a logging truck at Uretiti, North of Waipu.

Two major crashes in the South Island at Glentui, just north of Christchurch and at Hurunui, and three major crashes in the Bay of Plenty at Te Puna, Te Puke and Paengaroa near Tauranga.

'Tis the season to be jolly’… but for some travellers on our roads, a great holiday can turn horribly wrong in just seconds.

According to Sergeant Chris Goodall, “Highway patrol are every much focusing on speed over the holiday period on the state highway network, state highway one particularly throughout northland , it's a major contributor to the crashes in this area as it is in the rest of the country, and that will very much be our focus over the holiday period.”

A few kilometres over the limit can mean a speeding ticket or worse someone's life. That's why Sergeant Chris Goodall is coming down hard on drivers who speed.

Sergeant Chris Goodall says, “We're deliberately targeting those areas of course, particularly again in relation to speed and offenses involving the crossing of the centre line.”

Police say they only want holiday-makers to have an enjoyable holiday.

Sergant Goodall says, “Myself and all of the road policing staff in this district just want people to get to their destination, enjoy their time in northland and of course get home safely.”

Tomorrow, details will be released about the death toll on our roads over the Christmas period.