Petition urges Govt to take action against child poverty in Budget 2015

By Maiki Sherman
Child poverty petition highlights need for budget that delivers - Photo / file

A petition is being presented to Parliament today urging the Government to take action on child poverty in tomorrow’s Budget.

Around 15,000 signatures have been gathered and calls on heads of Government, including the Prime Minister, to ensure Budget 2015 treats all children equally and boosts the incomes of the poorest families in New Zealand.

Extending child-related tax credits to the poorest children is one of the options proposed as part of the petition.

"The goal of this petition was to highlight the need for a Budget that delivers real change for children and prioritises investment in them," says ActionStation National Director, Marianne Elliott.

The petition is a joint effort between Action Station, UNICEF, and Child Poverty Action Group. "Government must do far more than tinker around the edges of this problem," said Child Poverty Action Group spokesperson Susan St John.

The Salvation Army is also hoping tomorrow’s Budget will improve the plight of the poorest and most vulnerable Kiwis.

“We look to Government to launch the economic plan that comprehensively addresses housing supply and affordability, child poverty, social and economic deprivation in regional New Zealand,” said Major Sue Hay Director of the Army’s Parliamentary Unit.

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