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Paddlers test waters leading into Va'a Rio World Sprints

By Rahia Timutimu

As the sun rose in Brazil, NZ teams were already up and ready preparing for the Va'a World Sprints, excited about the competition held in just two days time.

Today all teams, including singles paddlers, had the chance to paddle the course and get a feel for the foreign waters of Brazil.

According to Te Arawhanaunga Minhinnick from Team Mahuika, “It’s good to be here to see different paddlers.  Some are from different teams and regions but are paddling together as one."

Tupuria King is the current NZ Singles Open Men's champion and has come here to take on the world’s best along with some of NZ’s most finest paddlers.

“The nerves are slowly kicking in, you know with the likes of Tahiti bringing a strong contingent,” says Tupuria. 

With the opening ceremony held tomorrow, all NZ teams will have the day to prepare themselves as a team, with races kicking off the following day.