Novopay to undergo full ministerial inquiry

The Novopay payroll system will undergo a full ministerial inquiry, covering when and why it was implemented as the Ministry of Education's (MoE) pay system, right up to its current problems.

This was announced this morning by Steven Joyce, who has been charged with addressing the beleaguered payroll system's problems.

Over 8000 teachers throughout the country were either overpaid, underpaid, or not paid at all under Novopay, and now, MoE staff have also been incorrectly paid.

Mr Joyce has met with Novopay's creators, Talent2.  He says it is clear the issues are complex, and there is no quick fix.

He also says the option to scrap Novopay is still on the table, and the Govt will cover the cost of fixing the system, which is estimated to be in the millions.

Reporter:  Piripi Taylor