No-Makeup-Selfies go global

By Te Kāea

No-Makeup-Selfies went viral in the UK raising millions of pounds for British Cancer Charities and it's spread across the globe including New Zealand.  

While there is no proven correlation between New Zealanders posting selfies to contribute to British based charities. One NZ cancer organisation is riding on the coat-tails of its success.

According to Adele Gautier, Communications Manager for The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, "We don’t receive a lot of donations on-line, but a couple of weeks ago we noticed a little jump in donations and the only thing we could think of, that it might be No-makeup Selfies, so we started talking about it then it went a bit crazy from there, and in that time we’ve had over 70,000 dollars come in which is fantastic.”

You would think the craze was suitable for women only, but it’s managed to catch the eye of the opposite sex. Many males have also found themselves taking selfies to raise awareness and support the cause.

Neknominate was a more recent social media craze that took the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.  Now No-makeup-selfies is a new trend in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

We have no idea what crazes the future holds, but in the meantime the No-Makeup-Selfies will continue to roll in.