Topic: Child Abuse

No further charges in Kahui Case

The decision follows the release of Chief Coroner Garry Evans report after a three week inquest into the deaths of the twins. The Coroner found that the twins were fatally injured while in the full care and custody of their father Chris Kahui. Evans also cleared Macsyna King of any fault in fatally injuring the twins in his report.

The twins Chris and Cru Kahui died in 2006 and the case was seriously delayed due to family clamping down in silence and refusing to co-operate with Police.

Police say they have conducted a full review of the case over the past 3 months since the release of the report including the initial investigation and for the time being have ruled out charging anyone else, however they say the case will remain open.

Naida Glavish a member of the Iwi leaders forum says the amount of time and money spent on the Coroner’s investigation which led to nothing should have instead been directed at improving services provided to vulnerable families.

Ms Glavish says while iwi, hapū and whānau need to become more accountable and proactive in preventing abuse. The agencies and workers paid to stop things like this occurring also failed the children and many others before and after the Kahui twins.

She says while the twins and the pain they endured should never be forgotten, focus should now be put on preventing things like this from ever occurring again.