Ngā Koaru takes tikanga Māori to Australian High School

By Harata Brown

The Māori Women's Welfare League (MWWL) faction based in Western Australia has been in operation for four years. Members meet every second Saturday of the month and a new initiative has been introduced this year which engages both students and teachers in Māori customs at a high school in the southern district of Perth.

Ngā Koaru, is another branch of the Māori Women's Welfare League and their name translates as a new cultivation' in the garden of Western Australia. Indeed, the role these women play is to help and support Māori who have found their second home or second cultivation in Perth.

The group says when Māori transition to life in Perth, they must have a plan of what they want to achieve as they have seen many Māori who move over there get into bad situations.

Last year, Ngā Koaru held an advisory role on the school committee of Warnbro High School under the Māori and Pacific Island Project (MAPI). In turn, with the help of major stakeholders, a community engagement co-ordinator position was created and will begin this year and they hope to start up a kapa haka group.

The group was established by Ina Edwardson of Te Whakatöhea. The main objective is for the non-profit organisation is to help, support, and nurture Māori in Perth.