New Zealand stacks up 24 medals at Oceania Weightlifting

By Aroha Treacher
Alethea Boon representing New Zealand

New Zealand is stacking up the medals at the Oceania Weightlifting Championships in Suva Fiji with a medal count of 24 and counting.

The six day competition is a qualifier for the Rio Olympics, with 36 New Zealanders taking part, making it the biggest team in the competition.

The world class event has seen participation from more than 200 athletes from across the globe, with 19 countries being represented.

But spots for Rio are tight and competition is fierce to grab one of the five male qualification spots and four for the ladies.

Medal total as of this morning:

Senior Gold x 2 (Richard Patterson Mens 85kg & Pip Patterson Womens 53kg)

Senior Bronze x 5 (Charlotte Moss Womens 53kg, Alethea Boon Womens 63kg, Amanda Gould Womens 69kg, Vester Vilalon Mens 69kg, Rory Taylor Mens 105kg)

Junior Gold x 2 (Cameron McTaggart Mens 77kg, Vernon Taylor Mens 94kg)

Junior Silver x 4 (Paige Lawgun Womens 53kg, Kohu Kawiti Womens 58kg, Anthony Taylor Mens 69kg, Brayden Maea-Brown Mens 105kg)

Junior Bronze x 4 (Annah McPherson Womens 63kg, Kanah Andrews-Nahu Womens 69kg, Aotea Frandi Womens 75kg, Montel Tivoli Mens 105kg)

Youth Gold x 2 (Kohu Kawiti Womens 58kg, Isaac Lawgun Mens 69kg) 

Youth Silver x 3 (Paige Lawgun Womens 53kg, Alex Farmiloe Mens 85kg, Benet Kumeroa Mens 94kg+)

Youth Bronze x 2 (Zoe Virgin Womens 53kg, Kanah Andrews-Nahu Womens 69kg)