New rules established at local pools to improve water safety

By Renee Kahukura-Iosefa

Some parents are frustrated at the safety rules at the local swimming pools but the Auckland Council say the rules are about water safety and it should be the responsibility of parents to watch their kids.

Chris Morunga was left frustrated when the rules at the local pools were enforced while he was in the pool swimming with his triplets.

“I don't have a problem with the rules, I said to them that the purpose of the rules is to protect everybody, but I was in the pool with my children,” says Morunga.

At the pools in Māngere, the rule is one adult to two children under 5 years old. A rule most parents are happy to support.

Nils Siharath says, “Kids are unpredictable and they can just go off any way any split second and you can easily loose them.”

The Auckland City Council Leisure Manager say the rules are in place to keep everyone safe.

Rob Mc Gee says, “If the children are under 5 that means getting in the pool with them and making sure they are within arm’s reach.”

Nooroa Ngatokoa says, “You don’t need a lot of water to drown in, to get in trouble and it could happen really quick. A lot of parents don't know.”

Lifeguards say although some parents complain about the rules they are in place and need to be enforced.

“We are there to prevent anything bad from happening we are not trying to ruin your day,” says Ngatokoa.

Now Chris and his family are well aware of the rules, and despite being annoying at times, the safety of the children is paramount.

Chris Morunga says, “To everybody, we must keep our family safe, look after them and keep a close eye on our children while they are swimming or playing in the water.”