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Nelson Māori win major land battle against the Crown

By Kawekōrero

Māori in Nelson have won a 7 year land battle against the Crown as the Supreme Court rule that the Crown owes fiduciary duties to the original owners.

Chairman of Whakatū Incorporated in Nelson, Paul Morgan, gave an exclusive interview to Kawe Kōrero Reporters and says they are delighted at the decision of the Supreme Court.

He says they are “very very excited at the outcome”.

The New Zealand Company bought over 150,000 acres of Whakatū land with the promise that 10 percent of that (15,000 acres) be set aside for the customary owners. However, the Crown became the trustee in 1840 and only set aside 5,100 acres which dwindled down further over the generations.

“For me personally it’s been more than 30 years of work with my team and my board to address the issues of the trusteeship of our land.”

“It’s been a hard fought case, the first of it’s type to be.

“The first of it’s type to be achieved in New Zealand.”

Morgan says he and his colleagues will now go through the remedial process to reinstate the trust.