Native Affairs - Wally Haumaha on NZ Police culture

Since the year 2000, 9 people have been fatally shot by police including Halatau Naitoko, a bystander accidently killed during a stand-off on an Auckland Motorway.

Of 16 New Zealand regions, Taranaki rates just 10th for population size yet it accounts for a third of police shootings, even more if you remove Naitoko from the equation. 

All three men shot in Taranaki, Stephen Wallace, Anthony Ratahi and Adam Morehu, were Māori and as we saw earlier two of them whakapapa to the same Marae.

So, is this an issue of police culture or our culture?  Earlier this evening Mihingarangi Forbes spoke to the General Manager of Māori, Pacific and Ethnic Services for the New Zealand Police Superintendent Wally Haumaha.