Native Affairs - Ruwani Perera looks back at 2013

By Mihingarangi Forbes, Ruwani Perera

In the second episode of Native Affairs Summer Series,  Ruwani Perera joins Mihingarangi Forbes to look back at her busy year with the show.

Ruwani has covered a broad range of issues from a Warriors success story to Al Jazeera in the Middle East, youth suicide to the Nepata Brothers and their battle for compensation. Ruwani has covered some of of the show’s most challenging and compelling stories in the last year and there have been some interesting results too.

Ruwani provided an update on the story of Timothy Morrison a trainee paramedic and former Māori Party candidate.

Over the past couple of years  he's been through living hell, defending a manslaughter charge for a crime he didn't commit. As our reporter Ruwani Perera discovered, while Timothy cleared his name, the ordeal continues to have an impact on his life.

Native Affairs – In Self Defence

Ruwani also spoke to Mihingarangi about some of the more challenging social issues she covered including the story of Krystal a 12 year old girl who was in the care of CYF and the tragic end to her story. Ruwani spoke to her family who were still trying to put the pieces together.

Native Affairs - Krystal

The death of 15 year old Kelston student, Stephen Dudley was another tragic story in 2013 covered by Ruwani and she praised the strength of his parents Brent and Mona who spoke to her about their son and made a public plea to youth around the nation to stop the violence that stole their son in the prime of his life.

Native Affairs – The Best Son

The Nepata Brothers was another compelling piece Ruwani covered which told the story of the two former soldiers horrifically maimed while serving in the army. Instead of looking after the brothers the Defence Force ejected them from the army and they were all but forgotten. They have never received an apology or any compensation for what they suffered.

Here is the link to Ruwani’s story and the latest update on the Nepata brothers battle for compensation.

Native Affairs – The Nepata Brothers

Tupua Hapuku Urlich was a teenager who had been through CYF care who shared his story with Ruwani Perera which highlighted his strength as an individual and his determination to build a brighter future for himself.

Native Affairs – About a Boy

Another story Ruwani covered which generated huge interest with our audience was her journey to Al Jazeera in Qatar to meet the 35 New Zealanders including many Māori working on the English news network in the Persian Gulf.

Native Affairs – Kia ora Qatar