Native Affairs - Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha looks back at 2013

From Air New Zealand to Australia to Northland, its all in a day's work for our reporter Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha.

In tonight’s Summer Series interview Billie Jo joins Mihingarangi to outline updates on some of her most memorable stories in 2013.

Discussion began with Billie Jo’s investigation into a radical change to the Australian Social Security Act which outlaws only Kiwis to entitlements that are available to all other taxpayers regardless of nationality. Due to the lack of entitlements a lot of New Zealanders have been forced into desperate situations.

She crossed the Tasman to investigate and find the Māori woman who's spearheading the one-mission campaign to get the discriminatory law overturned.

Native Affairs-Second Class Citizens-

One of the most popular and memorable stories Billie Jo covered in 2013 looked at the case of Claire Nathan an aspiring air hostess who was told that her moko on her forearm made her unemployable as cabin crew for Air New Zealand. She discusses this story and the follow up in detail as well as some of the latest updates on the issue which quickly went global after going to air on our show.

Native Affairs-Sky High, Skin Deep-

Native Affairs-Sky High, Skin Deep 2-