Topics: Elections, Native Affairs, Te Reo Māori

Native Affairs – The future of the Māori language Part 3

By Native Affairs

Welcome to part 3 of our special broadcast, a partnership between Native Affairs and Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa, Massey University. It’s election year, so we get stuck into political parties over the future of the Māori language, Te Reo Anamata.

We asked representatives from the Greens, the Māori Party, National, Labour and New Zealand First why the Māori language has not been made compulsory yet in schools. New Zealand’s elite colleges Auckland Boys Grammar,

Kings College and Christ’s College have all made te reo Māori compulsory. National Party List MP Jo Hayes refused to back compulsory education saying, “We’ve got a bit of a road to go with this. I think if we make it compulsory people will push back and we can’t afford that.”

But The Greens Jack McDonald says, “It is one of our key priorities going into this election and will be in post-election negotiations as well.”