Topic: Elections

National extends reach to attract voters

By Maiki Sherman

Despite National being well ahead in recent polls, John Key knows there's no room for complacency under an MMP voting system.    

According to Key, “This isn't a head to head race between Labour and National, this is MMP and it's a race to the 61 seats.”

In recent months National's talk of a rise in Māori and Pasifika support has increased.

John Key spoke about it during his recent Pacific mission and the vast number of Treaty of Waitangi settlements is the line often used to attract Māori.

As the Elections move closer National are looking for votes, meaning they're expanding their reach.  A move which has the support of National's newest Māori faces, Claudette Hauiti and Joanne Hayes.

So as National unveils its election slogan, "Working for NZ", it's very much aware the first task at hand is to work hard to attract voters.