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National Day of solidarity for supporters of Standing Rock

By Taiha Molyneux

Indigenous and environmental protection groups across America have called for a national day of solidarity for all supporters of the Standing Rock Sioux in their battle to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Organisers have called for supporters across the country to gather outside the Army Corps of Engineers District Headquarter Offices today to take a stand and disrupt “business-as-usual.”

They say following the election standing together and showing support on a nationwide level is essential.

Organisers say, “We know that many of our communities are hurting and afraid. Donald Trump’s presidency will threaten many of the people and things we care about most – including indigenous rights and the climate. Together, we will fight with everything. We’ve got to stop Trump’s dangerous and reckless agenda.”

People outside of America wanting to show their support are being encouraged to hold demonstrations outside banks or businesses financing the pipeline or US Embassy offices.

The aim of this event is to keep pressure on incumbent President Barrack Obama, who will hold the Presidency until the 20th of January next year, to put a stop to the Dakota Access Pipeline. There is also hope that it will increase pressure on the incoming administration.

Those heading the movement say, “This is one of the most courageous stands against a fossil fuel project this country has ever seen. Together, our movements stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline almost one-year ago today, and an even bigger movement is rising up to stop the Dakota Access and Fossil fuel infrastructure.”

Thousands remain and continue to gather at the Sacred Stone Camp and areas near Cannonball, North Dakota, where indigenous activists continue in their attempts to block construction.

The locations of the various events already organised can be viewed at this link.

The map on the organiser's page has events being held not only in America but across the globe including New Zealand.

Organisers of the event also posted a video to You Tube outlining the reasoning behind the event.