Topic: Easter

Motorists warned to drive to the conditions

By Dean Nathan

Police are reminding motorists to drive to the conditions and arrive at their destination safely, as thousands of holiday-makers hit the roads across the country.  A number of accidents have already occurred since the official Easter period began last night.

With traffic congestion in places around the country today police were at the fore.

Police officer Murray Hodson says, "We'll be enforcing the reduced 4k threshold on our highway network and also around our suburban areas.  So that means that if you are travelling 4km above the posted speed limit then you are highly likely to be stopped by our staff."

One person has died after a vehicle hit a tree in Ngāruawāhia yesterday afternoon and three people were airlifted to hospital last night, after a car and truck collided south of Ōpōtiki.  

The focus will be on heavy-footed drivers. 

Hodson says, "If they do see drivers who are driving at high speeds or undertaking high risk driving manoeuvres to contact the police by star triple five and we'll respond to those incidents the the briety thats required.

It's a time to remember Jesus Christ who rose from the dead, and Police are hopeful that another doesn't die.     

Hodson says, "Personally I'd like them to stay alive over this weekend and to do so means just driving with greater patience and understanding of those around them."