Mother urges parents to be aware of the dangers online for children

By Taroi Black

A concerned mother wants parents to be more aware of the dangers for their children when they use the internet and social media.

This comes after a 12-year-old Canterbury boy was offered money to take a nude photo of himself by an older person on Facebook.

Maia Nohotima has always kept to her word.

She says, “The internet is fine but I believe a parent should be by their child's side teaching them right from wrong on cyberspace.”

A boy in Canterbury was offered money for a nude photo by a Facebook user just minutes after accepting the person's friend request.

The anonymous Facebook user wrote, “Would you send a nude for $85. Wait, $110," wrote the Facebook user.”

When the request was denied, the anonymous person replied, “Fine but expect us to steal you when you’re out by yourself," responded the Facebook user.

“I feel sorry for that boy. I believe there are more kids out there who have been exploited by this Facebook user. The internet can be dangerous,” says Nohotima.

NetSafe is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes confident, safe and responsible use of online technologies.

Martin Cocker from NetSafe says, “Families need to understand what the risks are what is it they are going to see online and the problems they're going to face and parents need to talk to their children about that.”

Police advise parents and children who had been contacted by people like this to alert them.