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Monga whānau still coming to terms with X Factor win

By Hone-Haunui Rapana

It's been an exciting time for the Monga whānau who are still coming to terms with X Factor New Zealand win.

Te Kāea reporter Hone-Haunui Rapana spoke with Beau and his dad, Ryan Monga, today.

As an old net withers another is remade, he is the new voice to hit the New Zealand music industry.

Beau Monga says, “I felt shocked, it was a weird feeling, but honestly I was just tripping out that I won.”

Ryan Monga says, “The moment when Dominic said, "and the winner is," and that gap was like an hour or so you, and as soon as he said Beau, I was like oh that's my son.”

The Cook Island-Māori Beau Monga won the second season of X-Factor. One of the goals was to share his culture.

Beau Monga says, “The Cook island side doesn't really get out that much, we're always left behind, we're never really shown out there as much, probably like the least exposed culture to show our stuff.  So it was cool that I got to do that.”

Beau won a recording contract with Sony Music and a Mazda CX-3.

He says, “Yeah, full learners, but I actually forgot about the car.”

Known for his smiley face, Monga has described his upbringing as joyous and playful.   

Ryan Monga says, “This is all genuine, we're proud of you son.”

The whānau has yet to confirm what they will be doing to celebrate his success, however it is a path that they all know well.