Meat hamper scam leaving Hawkes Bay families out of pocket

By Aroha Treacher

An organisation calling themselves DSN Youth Hampers has been scamming families in low socio-economic areas like Flaxmere and Camberly, with their pay as you go scheme for meat hampers. The scam has left many families out of pocket and out of food.

It's been a stressful time for Donett Dellow and her six children, who have been left out pocket after paying for a meat hamper that never arrived.

Donnett Dellow, a resident of Flaxmere says, “I think it's not fair that a company can turn around and do that to families and mislead us and especially our children.”

She's just one of many who has been given the run around from DSN Youth Hampers otherwise known as Grace Advocacy Trust Meat Hampers, none of which are registered companies.

Since this has come to light, Consumer Affairs are looking into the situation and is wanting more people to come forward and offer any information.

“People are welcome to call us direct 0800 005 815” is the invitation of Josephine Bartley, of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

In this case, the deal was a pay-as-you go scheme sold offering meat or grocery hampers starting from around $300 upwards, sold door to door.

The company in question has done a disappearing act, with each number either disconnected or no longer working. The issue has affected others across the country, so Consumer Affairs is advising people not to sign anything from any salesperson that may knock on your door, until you have sought legal advice.