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Marae Kai Masters heads into another delicious season of culinary skills

By Heeni Brown

The second series of Marae Kai Masters has kicked off with host Te Kohe Tuhaka hoping it will exceed expectations far beyond what the first season of Marae Kai Masters set last year.

It's an episode to see which marae has what it takes to be the best.

Te Kohe Tuhaka (Ngāi Tūhoe, Ngāti Porou) says, "It's a pleasure seeing the kai masters grow in terms of their culinary skills and their perspective on healthy kai, and their determination to get the work done to try and win the great prizes for their marae, and for their team to win overall."

It's the second series where Tuhaka has been the co-host, he says it's a feast for the eyes.

"There's always drama between the cooks and their marae, but that adds to the show.  Without it, it would be boring, and these cooks ain't boring," says Tuhaka.

There are a total of 10 marae battling it out for the title and they're all wanting to please the judges.

He adds, "Every episode this season looks at the health factor.  The main push though is that the food is delicious, and that if you eat healthy food, it's not bad for you.  So you can still eat tasty food that's good for your health."

There are a total of 10 episodes, and the Māori Television series is set to air right up until the end of July.