Topics: Technology, Te Reo Māori

Māori Television goes HD

By Mānia Clarke

Māori Television also celebrates the launch of its High Definition Transmission as part of its multi-platform strategy.

The project is funded by a dedicated budget allocation of $10.6mil.

Māori Television viewers can now experience a crisper and sharper picture.

Head of Technology and Operations Mark Bullen says, "High Definition is part of the evolution for Māori Television. So if we look at our other free to air broadcasters in TVNZ and Media Works they've all been high definition for quite a long time now, so this is an opportunity for Māori to come up to the same level, same playing field."

Cinco Cine Managing Director, Nicole Hoey, says being multi-platform is critical to ensure Māori Television's long-term sustainability.

"Māori Television is no different to all broadcasters, linear broadcasters around the world. In New Zealand alone from June 2015 to June 2017 the linear viewership across all television platforms fell by 30 percent," she says.

Māori Television first launched in 2004 and Te Reo Channel four years later, to promote and revitalise the Māori language. 

Te Mātāwai chairman Waihoroi Shortland says, "There are a lot saying that it needs to be a certain way to attract this generation. But it's not just for this generation, Whakaata Māori wasn't created just for one part of Māoridom, but for all of Māoridom."

Hoey says, "Having several platforms that content is available on is most certainly putting Māori Television where it needs to be. But it's at the speed and access to those Apps that are out, it's the usability of them, those things become highly important."

Māori Television says it will continue to invest in a range of other platforms.