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Māori Television chairperson utterly refutes Harawira’s claims

By Ripeka Timutimu

Chairperson of Māori Television, Georgina Te Heuheu has refuted claims that 25 jobs at the TV station are on the chopping board.

This comes after MANA Movement leader Hone Harawira released a statement saying that Māori Televisions news programme Te Kāea was being cut from the station.

Ms Te Heuheu states, “Native Affairs and Te Kāea are our flagship programmes and they are not under threat at all.”

Te Heuheu says a restructure of the station was imminent, and refuted any claims made by Hone Harawira that there was political influence over decisions made by her Board.

“What can I say?  It’s Hone.  I utterly refute the claims he's making, no political push at all.” says Te Heuheu.

MANA Movement leader, Hone Harawira says he won't name his sources.

Chairperson of the Māori Language Commission, Erima Henare says that if changes are to be made, they should be aligned with the underlying goal of language retention.

It is unknown when an announcement on the changes within Māori Television will be released, with key stakeholders still to be briefed.

Māori Television staff were meant to be told about the new proposed strategic review tomorrow but that has been put on hold.