Topic: Pacific Affairs

Māori strategies used as example to help in Niuean language revitalisation

By Maiki Sherman
Niuean delegates at PM John Key visit in Niue

Concerns are growing in Niue over the survival of its native language.

The population is only around 1500 people and it's believed that low numbers and western influence are putting pressure on the language. 

Moira Enetama is the director of Taoga Niue, a government organisation which in part is focused on strengthening the language.  She says the Māori language strategies are being used as examples but they have limited resources.

One of the solutions is the establishment of a Language Commission last year.  

Niue's television service also plays a role in promoting and strengthening the language.

The hope is through the establishment of the Commission and the commitment of those passionate about the issue, it will thrive.