Topic: Housing

Maori Party says Labour's analysis of Auckland homeownership is racial profiling

By Maiki Sherman

The Māori Party says Labour's Māori MPs should be ashamed of claims by their party towards the Asian community in the New Zealand housing discussion.

According to Māori Party co-leader, Marama Fox, the comments by Labour are racist and its Māori MPs shouldn't condone them.

Marama Fox says Māori often endure racial comments and that the Labour Party should be ashamed of its "racist" claims regarding the Asian community.  

Labour has released analysis of Auckland home ownership based on Chinese-sounding surnames.  Marama Fox says it's a racial profiling, but Labour's Māori MPs disagree.

Fox says, “They know how that's affected us as Māori and so they should be challenging their own party not to allow that type of thing.”

Both parties agree the absolute fault lies with the Government when it comes to the housing crisis.

So what's the solution? The Māori Party and Labour says put a stop to foreign buyers.

“Buyers must be living in New Zealand and boosting the regions. If they want to move to New Zealand that's fine with me, but don't move to Auckland, send them to the regions,” says Fox.

The issue certainly won't be going away anytime soon.