Topic: Housing

Māori Party highlights discrimination against Māori in purchasing and renting homes

The Māori Party says it is committed to creating positive changes to advance housing opportunities for Māori.

This follows the release of recent figures by the Labour Party listing a high number of people purchasing homes in Auckland with Asian sounding last names.

The Māori Party says Māori have faced and continue to face undue discrimination when it comes to owning or renting a home.

Marama Fox says,“These types of campaigns are exactly what Māori communities have been faced with for decades. It is never ok to discriminate against any person because of their race.”

Ms Fox says a recent study which included around 561 Māori highlighted wide spread institutional racism faced by Māori.

Researchers of 'Looking Māori Predicts Decreased Rates of Home Ownership Institutional Racism in Housing Based on Perceived Appearance' identified bias in home ownership for Māori, who looked Māori and the banking industry prevented many Māori from accessing finance.

Māori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell says, “In Rotorua alone, I've seen the plight of racism towards Māori. My office there helps three to four whānau a week with rental housing problems, including helping them to find out why they missed out on a home as well as informing them about their rights to rent.”

The Māori Party says it will work to curb the attitude towards Māori both in renting and the purchasing of homes.