Topic: Politics

Māori MPs say Govt will fail in lifting NZ's most vulnerable out of poverty

By Ripeka Timutimu

The Governor General, Sir Jerry Mateparae laid out the political agenda for the Government over the next three years, with housing and the elimination of poverty high on the list.

It was Sir Jerry Mateparae who became the mouthpiece for Key and his government, and one of their main goals is to assist those living in poverty.

Māori MPs are saying the Government is so out-of-touch with the most vulnerable families in NZ, and will fail in lifting them out of poverty.  

As house prices rise across the country, the Government looks to offload state homes, looking to iwi and other bodies to invest in social housing.

Mining was huge issue Māori protested against, but the government look to progress that agenda even further.

Even though work has only just begun, there will be many issues affecting Māori over the next three years.