Māori broadcasters raise questions over TVNZ's restructure

By Kawekōrero

Questions are being raised about TVNZ’s restructuring and whether it will affect the state broadcaster’s Māori programming.

This comes after cut backs began on TVNZ’s news operations in March this year.

Kawe Kōrero Reporters approached TVNZ’s CEO Kevin Kenrick for a comment and a spokesperson said, “We are not proposing to make changes to our current line-up which includes programmes like Te Karere, Marae, Waka Huia.”

TVNZ is still in consultation with it’s key stakeholders and staff about the restructure but there is still no certainty whether changes to the business will affect Māori programming.

TVNZ’s spokesperson said, “We are looking to make structural changes across our entire business.

“As part of this, we’ve put a proposal to our content team and we’ll take on board the feedback we’re getting before any resulting changes are discussed more widely later this month.”

Tune in to tonight’s Kawe Kōrero Reporters programme as we speak to pioneer Māori broadcaster Derek Fox and co-leader of the Green’s Party Metiria Tūrei about the state broadcaster's restructure.

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