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Māori actresses nominated for prestigious Australian Logie awards

By Ani-Oriwia Adds

Three Māori actresses have been nominated for Australia's prestigious television Logie awards, for 2017. Rachel House, Deborah Mailman and Cian White have all been included in the Best Actress category.

Cian White says, “When I was a kid, I would see those ladies on the television screen, and now I’m working with them, that makes me happy.”

800 words star Cian Elyse White is a Best Actress finalist in Australia's prestigious television awards, the Logies for 2017. This is the first time she's been nominated for a Logie award.

White says, “To see my name next to other recognised names in theatre and television, you know. Rachel House and Sigrid Thornton, Rebecca Gibney, Anna Julianne from Shortland Street.”

Cian is one of three Māori women nominated in the Best Actress category including Wolf Creek's Rachel House and the Offspring's Deborah Mailman.

Cian says she tries to include her Māori heritage into all of the characters she plays and loves her Māori role in 800 words.

“It’s because of my Māoritanga I am able to stand as an example from Maori in the world of acting,” says White.

In Australia, it's the public who determines the best onscreen star. They vote for their favourites and the most popular are shortlisted. Cian says just making the voting list is an honour.

White says, “What I do isn't for myself, I work for my family, for my sub-tribe, for my tribe and for all Māori.

Voting closes on the 18th of December.